ASA Racing Creates a FREE iPhone & Android App to Help Fans Stay in Touch With ASA Members Tracks & Series 
Sanctioning Body Creates a FREE iPhone & Android App to help fans stay in touch with their ASA Member Tracks and Series
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The American Speed Association (ASA) has launched their very own application for the iPhone and Android smartphones today.  The applications (app) are available now and are FREE!

Users of the iPhone and Android phones can download the app through iTunes (iPhone) and the Android Market. Just search for “ASA Racing” and download it today.

The application is designed to give quick up to date information from our ASA Member Tracks and Series.  Fans can find the nearest ASA Member Tracks, along with the latest results, points, and upcoming event from our ASA Series, a Weekend Preview of ASA Racing and a list of recent ASA winners. Plus, users will also be able to view ASA produced YouTube videos and listen to an episode of “This Week in ASA Racing” Radio Show.

The app will be able to provide up to the minute information that the ASA office receives from their ASA Member Tracks and Series.  This will allow ASA to provide instant updates right on the app.  If a track/series notifies ASA that they have rained out or late breaking news, the app is updated and instantly available on the user’s smartphone.

“This is a very big announcement for us,” Dennis Huth, ASA President said.  “Through our research, we believe that we are the first to offer an app that focuses on short track racing, specifically our ASA Member Tracks and Series.  The app is simple to use and the user will be able to get the latest information from our ASA Member Track and Series right in the palm of their hands.  We are excited to offer this new way of communication to the short track community.”

“The app is very simple to use and navigate around,” Huth said.  “We felt that with the growth of smartphones, ASA needed to get on board with our own App.  We feel that this will help our ASA Member Tracks and Series gain more fans and will allow them to stay in constant communication via the App.”

Kevin Ramsell, ASA Director Public Relations, designed the App.  “This was something that we have been thinking about doing for quite some time,” Ramsell said.  “The app has its own unique simple look that will appeal from the novice to the experienced smartphone user.”

“There are 4 billion cellphones in use around the world, 1.08 billion of those are smartphones,” Ramsell said.  “Smartphone use is on the rise and everyone at ASA feels that having an app available would be a great benefit to our ASA Member Tracks and Series.  We appreciate the help of our test users with their suggestions. This is something that will continue to grow. We feel that this is a great addition for our ASA family of Tracks and Series.”

ASA is now working with their ASA Member Tracks, sponsors and media partners to help create their own unique pages on the app as well as creating ASA driver pages for their 2012 members.

You can download the App by searching for “ASA Racing” on iTunes for the iPhone App and the Android Market.  More information can be found by visiting these links below.