Skylar Holzhausen Goes Home $10,000 Richer in ASAMT GrandStay Summer Clash 250
First Career ASAMT Victory Is a Big-Money Show
Rookie of the Year contender, Skylar Holzhausen won the American Speed Association® Kwik Trip Midwest Tour presented by ECHO Outdoor Power Equipment and GrandStay Hospitality, GrandStay Summer Clash 250 and $10,000 at Elko Speedway!

The race consisted of two 125-lap segments. Current point leader, Andrew Morrissey led from the drop of the green flag to until lap 205, when Holzhausen powered by him after the two encountered lapped traffic. Even though Morrissey was clicking off the fastest laps of the night, they just were not fast enough to catch the rookie.

An emotional Holzhausen said, "Man, I just have the thank the good Lord for all he has done for me this weekend. This is awesome! The car was great." As his mom came into victory lane the two shared the emotional victory. Skylar's dad Steve was also racing in tonight's event.
Andrew Morrissey dominated the first segment of tonight's race. By the time the caution flew for the break,

Holzhausen had moved in on him and the two were nose to tail. Steve Carlson was strong in the beginning of the racing giving Morrissey a challenge, but Andrew was just too strong.

Local drivers, Nick Murgic, Jonathan Eilen, Jacob Goede, Donny Reuvers and Dan Fredrickson were all showing their experience at the track running in the top ten and racing side-by-side. Reuvers had some problems during the first segment and was on and off the track.

Jonathan Eilen was on the hunt during the first segment and looked like he was going to be a contender for the win. Unfortunately after the half-way break, he drifted to the back. Another driver who came out of nowhere tonight was Nathan Haseleu. Haseleu showed up in the top five as the laps began to wind down in the first 125 laps. Haseleu finished third.

With 75 laps to go in the event, the top four were nose to tail as Steve Carlson watched it all play out in fifth. A caution flew with 25 laps to go. With the double-file restart rule, Holzhausen chose the inside line all by himself. Morrissey went to the outside to try to regain the lead while Haseleu was on the inside.

Skylar got a great restart. Haseleu had to check up a little bit and settled in behind Morrissey for third. Dan Fredrickson came back from what seemed to be an average night. Dan got sideways at one point and he and Carlson got together, but the two held it together and it stayed green.

Skylar Holzhausen is the current rookie point leader and is now $10,000 richer. The next event for the ASA Midwest Tour is Friday, August 5th at Iowa Speedway in Newton, IA.

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Feature Results
# Driver Name Hometown
1 - 78 - Skylar Holzhausen (R) - Bangor, WI
2 - 39 - Andrew Morrissey (TS) - DeForest, WI
3 - 87 - Nathan Haseleu (TS) - Marshall, Wi
4 - 52 - Chris Wimmer (TS) - Wausau, WI
5 - 12 - Nick Murgic (TS) - Rosemount, MN
6 - 36 - Dan Fredrickson - Lakeville, MN
7 - 72 - Jacob Goede (TS) - Carver, MN
8 - 41 - Donny Reuvers - Dundas, MN
9 - 97H - Steve Holzhausen - Nekoosa, WI
10 - 66 - Steve Carlson (TS) - West Salem, WI
11 - 25K - Ross Kenseth (TS) - Spring Valley, IL
12 - 5 - Travis Sauter - Necedah, WI
13 - 64 - Griffin McGrath (TS) - Cedar Rapids, IA
14 - 4 - Thor Anderson - Bondurant, IA
15 - 77E - Jonathan Eilen (TS) - Hampton, MN
16 - 75W - Chris Weinkauf (TS) - Merrill, WI
17 - 2 - Michael Bilderback (TS) - South Beloit, IL
18 - 25S - Jeff Storm (TS) - Waterford, WI
19 - 80P - Paul Paine - Mound, MN
20 - 99D - Erik Darnell - Beach Park, IL
21 - 75T - Joel Theisen (R) - Maple Grove, MN
22 - 21 - Tim Schendel (TS) - Sparta, WI
23 - 82 - Conrad Jorgenson - Lakeville, MN
24 - 22P - Nick Panitzke (TS) - Sauk Centre, MN
25 - 17 - Josh Vadnais - White Bear Lake, MN
26 - 34 - Brandon Hill - Genoa City, WI
27 - 63 - Gary LaMonte - West Allis, WI
ECHO Quick Cut Qualifier presented by VDL and B&B Racing Engines: #75 Chris Weinkauf (2nd of 2011)
Hedman Husler Hedders Husler Zone (Winners Circle): 1) #78 Skylar Holzhausen (R); 2) #39 Andrew Morrissey (TS); 3) #87 Nathan Haseleu (TS)
Hedman Husler Hedders Hard Charger presented by Tesar Engineering: #87 Nathan Haseleu (+13) #4 Thor Anderson (+13)
Provisional Starters: None
Next Race: ASAMT Iowa 150L at Iowa Speedway in Newton, Iowa on Friday, August 5th, 2011
Rookie of the Year Points: 1) #78 Skylar Holzhausen (R) 934; 2) 75T Joel Theisen (R) 822; 3) #33 Jeff Cannon (R) 496
Championship Points: 1 39 Andrew Morrissey (TS) 1,067; 2 25K Ross Kenseth (TS) 1027; 3 72 Jacob Goede (TS) 1000; 4 21 Tim Schendel (TS) 984; 5 12 Nick Murgic (TS) 967; 6 87 Nathan Haseleu (TS) 960; 7 52 Chris Wimmer (TS) 947; 8 64 Griffin McGrath (TS) 943; 9 78 Skylar Holzhausen (R) 934; 10 77E Jonathan Eilen (TS) 932

Skylar Holzhausen is now $10,000 richer after his Summer Clash victory.  (Doug Hornickel Photo)