Fest JMcK 63 Eligibility List Balloons to Eighty
Big 8 SDrivers Ready For Center Stage at LaCrosse
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Eighty drivers are now eligible for the JMcK 63 as ten additional drivers recorded their first Late Model wins of 2011 at surrounding weekly short tracks in Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin.  The Late Model invitational event taking place Sunday afternoon October 9 during the Oktoberfest Race Weekend at LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway, pays tribute to the late Oktoberfest promoter John McKarns.

The eligibility list includes weekly late model feature winners, the top 6 in Big 8 Series points, former Top Guns from McKarns’ ARTGO Challenge Series and past Big 8 Oktoberfest feature winners.  First time Late Model feature winner John DeAngelis, Jr who recorded the weekly late model feature win during the Slinger Nationals in July is the first driver to throw his name into the ring of contenders along with NASCAR K&N East Series competitor and JMcK 63 segment winner Tanner Whitten.

Modeled after the Dick Trickle 99 race format McKarns loved and introduced to ‘Fest during 2007, the JMcK 63 will be contested in three 21 lap segments with the first segment being lined up by draw, the second by inversion and third based on the roll of the dice.  JMcK was an abbreviated version of John McKarns’ signature over the years.

The inaugural running of this event, which took place in 2010 saw twenty five cars take the green flag with Skylar Holzhausen claiming the overall prize on the strength of his two segment wins, narrowly edging Kyle Shear and Zach Riddle for the top honors.

For additional information regarding the 42nd annual Oktoberfest Race Weekend including Camping, call 608-786-1525 or visit www.oktoberfestraceweekend.com.  Companies interested in adding to the growing number of driver bonuses for the JMcK 63 are encouraged to contact Gregg McKarns at 815-633-1500.

JMcK 63 Big 8 Late Model Invitational
Oktoberfest Race Weekend
Sunday Afternoon October 9, 2011
LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway
Elibible Drivers following August Racing Action

Al WeishoffColumbus 151 Speedway
Alex PruntySlinger Super Speedway
Andy BurgessPast Big 8 Fest Winner
Bill RetallickColumbus 151 Speedway
Bobby WilbergMadison International
Brad DahmerSlinger Super Speedway
Brad KeithSlinger Super Speedway
Brandon PendletonJefferson Speedway
Brent KirchnerLaCrosse Fairgrounds
Brian Johnson, JrDells Raceway Park
Casey JohnsonJefferson Speedway
Corey JankowskiDells Raceway Park
Cory KemkesWisconsin International
Dale NottestadBig 8 Series/Jefferson/MIS
Dan JungSlinger/Jefferson
Dan LensingDells Raceway Park
Darren WolkeElko Speedway
Dave McCardleSlinger Super Speedway
Davey PennelDells Raceway Park
Derek ChildsDells Raceway Park
Don GaserudeColumbus 151 Speedway
Doug BrownElko Speedway
Dylan MooreElko Speedway
Dylan SchuylerJefferson Speedway
Eric HopfenspergerWisconsin International
Gary NatropWisconsin International
J HerbstLaCrosse Fairgrounds
Jake VanoskeySlinger Super Speedway
James SwanRockford Speedway/Big 8/Slinger
Jason EricksonJefferson Speedway
Jeremy MillerBig 8 Series/MIS
Jeremy WagnerLaCrosse Fairgrounds
Jerry GilleRockford Speedway
Joel SoenksenColumbus 151 Speedway
John DeAngelis, JrSlinger Super Speedway
John Ovadahl, JrJefferson Speedway
Jon LemkeARTGO Star
Jon Reynolds, JrRockford Speedway
Jonathan HentgesElko Speedway
Kris KellyWisconsin International
Kyle JarlsbergJefferson Speedway
Kyle ShearBig 8 Points*
Larry SchottenDells Raceway Park
Lincoln KeeserColumbus 151 Speedway
Luke HoffmanColumbus 151 Speedway
Michael BilderbackSlinger Super Speedway
Mike BeyerPast Big 8 Fest Winner
Mike CarlsonLaCrosse Speedway
Mike LitchfieldSlinger Super Speedway
Mike Meyerhofer, JrWisconsin International
Nick ClementsLaCrosse Fairgrounds
Nick NoldenColumbus 151 Speedway
Nick WendtColumbus 151 Speedway
Noel RamgeJefferson Speedway
Rich Schumann, JrDells Raceway Park
Rob BraunSlinger Super Speedway
Rob RetallickColumbus 151 Speedway
Ron BishofbergerColumbus 151 Speedway
Ross KensethPast Big 8 Fest Winner
Ryan CarlsonRockford Speedway
Ryan DestafanoSlinger Super Speedway
Ryan ZielskiJefferson Speedway
Sawyer EffertzWisconsin International
Scott BroughtonMadison International
Skylar Holzhausen2010 JMcK 63 Winner
Steve ApelSlinger Super Speedway
Steve CarlsonLaCrosse Fairgrounds/ARTGO Star
Steve DobbratzJefferson Speedway
Steve RubeckRockford/Big 8/Past Big 8 Fest Winner
Tanner WhittenJMck 63 Segment Winner 2010
Tim SargentRockford Speedway
Todd KorishLaCrosse Fairgrounds/Past Big 8 Fest Winner
Todd VerhagenWisconsin International
Tom KamishElko Speedway
Travis StanleyElko Speedway
Trent ErdmanJefferson Speedway
Troy RaveLaCrosse Speedway
Ty JamesJefferson Speedway
Wayne FreimundSlinger Super Speedway
Zach RiddleMadison International

James Swan won at Slinger, can he win at LaCrosse?   (Speed Graphics Photos)