CRA Not Making the Trip to Nashville for All-American 400
"Questions Surrounding the Weekend" Force CRA to Withdraw
By Matt Kentfield - Twitter: @mattkentfield
What was set to be the penultimate event in the 2011 CRA Super Series schedule and a major part of a historic event is no longer.

CRA announced today that the Super Late Model series will no longer be a part of the All-American 400 weekend at Tennessee's Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway, held on October 29th and 30th, according to series co-owner R.J. Scott via a press release.

According to Scott, series officials and new track promoter and former NASCAR Nationwide Series regular Bobby Hamilton, Jr. discussed the event and left the conversation mutually agreeing that the CRA Super Late Models would not be a part of this year's All-American 400 weekend.

"Unfortunate circumstances surrounding the Fairgrounds Speedway in Nashville led us to the need to part ways for this event," said Scott.  "There were too many questions surrounding the weekend, and its a big expense for the teams to plan to travel there, with questions still unanswered.

"Bobby was very good to work with in the discussion to part ways, and noted that this would allow him to focus on his local teams for the 400 weekend.  We wish Bobby, Jr. and all the local teams the best of luck in their event."

As Scott mentioned, local Late Models will still be a part of All-American 400 weekend in Nashville. 

The CRA Super Late Models will conclude their 2011 season at another Southern event, the North-South Shootout at Caraway Speedway in North Carolina November 4th and 5th.  Scott told that there will not be a replacement for the Nashville event on the CRA schedule.

There will be no Nashville Guitar handed out to a CRA Super Late Model team this year like the one TJ Reaid won in 2010.