All CRA Divisions to Have Double File Lead Lap Restarts and Lucky Dog’s in 2011
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CRA officials have announced that all the CRA Divisions will have double file lead lap car restarts for the upcoming 2011 season. All restarts will be double file with lead lap cars in front of lapped cars.  The leader will always get to choose inside our outside, and third place on back will restart how they are the lined up on the track, with the third place car always lining up second row inside and the fourth place car lining up outside second row, and the remainder of the field likewise.

“We tested double file lead lap car restarts with the CRA FWD’s last season and with the CRA Super Series at a couple of events last year, as well as the first two CRA Southern Six-Pack Tour races this year, and we had some great racing in those events,” remarked R.J. Scott, Managing Partner of CRA. “We have an obligation to our event promoters to continue to make CRA racing the best in the business, we felt like the double file restarts have proven that they will help accomplish that. There will be a learning curve at the beginning, but it shouldn’t take our racers long to catch on.”

Since all the CRA Divisions will be doing the double file restarts, there will also be a lucky dog awarded for all divisions on yellow flags up to the final ten laps of the event. At the time of the caution, the first car one lap down behind the leader will be deemed the lucky dog and will get a lap back before the restart, as long as they are not the cause of the caution. If there is no car one lap down, it will go to the first car two laps down and so on. The lucky dog must always restart at the tail of the field.

CRA has released the 2011 Race Procedures for all its divisions. They are available on line on the CRA web site at Race Procedures will also be handed out at the first event of the season for each division and to any new racers attending a CRA event during the season.

This will be the a new site in CRA in 2011.  Double file restarts for all division. (51 Photo)