2011 Short Track Draft to be Presented by Hedman Husler Hedders
Top “Huslers” of the Speed51.com Draft to Receive Product Certificates from Hedman
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When collegiate football players gather in cities for NFL Draft combines each year, players are critiqued on their physical stature, their athletic ability and their intelligence.  Athletic ability that is judged by scouts and coaches often is simply referred to in one simple word – hustle.

Young athletes have to show their “hustle” in order to get drafted high and make the most impact for their team.  Young racecar drivers have “hustled” on the track during the past 12 months since the last edition of the annual Short Track Draft on Speed51.com.  Those racers have tried to make an impact on the racing scene and get noticed by 51’s industry experts that annually vote on the most unique feature on short track racing’s most popular website.

As Speed51.com’s panel is set to announce the top-51 drivers in the 2011 Short Track Draft in the coming days, Hedman Husler Hedders, the leader in short track exhaust technology, has partnered with Speed51.com to present the 2011 Short Track Draft and will honor each drivers’ “hustle” on the track with product certificates.

“The Speed51.com Short Track Draft has become a must-see event, not just for the race teams, but for us manufacturers, as well,” said Chris Vandergriff, General Manager and Director of Racing for Hedman Husler Hedders.  “Hedman Husler’s market share in Late Model racing has grown significantly in the past few seasons, and whether I am keeping up with one of the seasoned veterans or keeping an eye out on an up-and-coming young lion, we’d like to have them using our products.  Speed51.com and the Short Track Draft is the perfect place to build brand awareness for Hedman Husler Hedders and is a great report card on the who’s who in short track racing.  We are proud to partner with Bob Dillner and the staff of Speed51.com for this unique opportunity.”

The top-10 drivers in the 2011 Short Track Draft will each receive $250 in product certificates from Hedman Husler Hedders.  Positions 11-25 will receive $100 in certificates, while spots 26-51 will be awarded $50 in certificates.  The drivers can use the certificates towards any purchase from Hedman Husler Hedders either by phone at 770-664-8880 or online at www.hedman.com.

“Our panel of more than 30 industry experts does a great job of evaluating the talent on the short tracks of America.  Now add this bonus from Hedman Husler Hedders, and the racers who are announced get a little extra prize when their name is announced,” said Bob Dillner, owner of Speed51.com and NASCAR TV commentator on SPEED.  “Hedman had always been known in the drag racing world and now they’ve stepped to the forefront of the oval track scene like many of these young racers will be doing as well.”

The #1 pick in the 2011 Short Track Draft, as voted on by a panel of industry experts, will be announced on Thursday, May 5th at 5pm.  The following morning (Friday, May 6th), at 9am, picks 2 – 10 will be revealed.  On Monday (May 9th), at 10am, selections 11 – 25 in the Short Track Draft will be shown on Speed51.com.  Finally, on Wednesday (May 11th), at 9am, the final choices (26 – 51) in the 2011 Short Track Draft will be announced.

“There are a lot of great young racers around the country and to make it onto the list of the top 51 in the nation is a big honor,” said Matt Kentfield, of Speed51.com.

Last year, Chase Elliott, the son of former NASCAR Cup Champion Bill, was the #1 selection in the 2010 Short Track Draft.  He has since signed a multi-year contract as a development driver for Hendrick Motorsports.

For more information on Hedman Husler Hedders, visit www.hedman.com.

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Chase Elliott's #1 pick in the 2010 edition of the Short Track Draft was a precursor to his signing with Hendrick Motorsports.