Perfect Circle Racecars Ceases Operations, Merges with Port City Racecars
Looking to Reach a Larger Customer Base With Combined Technology
Industry PR
Perfect Circle Racecars owner Mike Bursley has announced that he is closing his operation and merging with Harley Boeve and Port City Racecars. Harley and Mike both agreed that in today’s economy and business climate, two companies so close to each other, battling for some of the same customers made no sense. “Since I am only a one man show, I felt that I could better serve my customers by making this move and combining with one of the top chassis manufacturers in the country. I am also very excited and looking forward to this.” Bursley stated. He will also continue to maintain his racing operation with Brian Campbell as the driver.

In a statement from Port City Racecars owner Harley Boeve, he applauded Mike on his decision and welcomed him onboard. “We will integrate Mike’s Clientele with our customer base and give them the same excellent service and support that our Port City Racecars customers are accustomed to.” Mike will become outside sales and tech support, as well as assisting in the integration of his customer base.

Over the course of the next few weeks they will be moving all the jigs, fixtures, etc… to the Muskegon location of Port City Racecars, where all of the fabrication and car building will continue to take place.

With this merger, Port City Racecars will have two of the best short track racers in Johnny Vandoorn and Brian Campbell campaigning their cars throughout the country.

For more information please contact Port City Racecars at 800.215.8074 or visit their website at You can also become a fan of Port City Racecars on Facebook by searching "Port City Racecars" and liking their page.

Brian Campbell took Perfect Circle Racecars to many victories and now will be a part of the Port City family with his Mike Bursley-owned team.  ( Photo)