Seuss Wins In Dominating Fashion At Caraway
Ideal Racing Team Keeps on Winning
By Kyle McGowen
The Hampstead Hot Shoe Andy Seuss would start the day off with topping the charts in practice. He would go out late in the qualifying order and held the provisional pole before Ideal Racing team mate George Brunnhoelzl III went out, taking the pole away from him.

“When I turned the 15.84 lap I thought it would be enough for the pole, and Georgie ran a 15.81. It really shows the strength of the team, but also that the track is really fast today” commented Seuss after qualifying. 

Andy would start on the outside row for the feature, and when the green flag dropped it was go time. Andy would clear Brunnhoelzl by the time they got to turn three, and would never look back.

Seuss was just starting to pull away when the caution flag came out on lap six for the spun out cars of Austin Pack and Josh Nichols. The green flag would come back out at lap eleven. Seuss would get a good restart pulling away from team mate Brunnhoelzl, Burt Myers and Tim Brown.

On lap number twenty three the caution flag would come out for the second and final time of the 150 lap race. It would be for a spun out Josh Nichols. The green flag was waved again at lap twenty eight. Andy Seuss again would get a good restart clearing Brunnhoelzl before they could exit the second corner.
Seuss would never look back for the rest of the race, pulling away from Brunnhoelzl, Myers, Brown, and Brian Loftin.

“I knew starting on the outside of George Brunnhoelzl would be a good chance to get us a good jump. So we got the lead on lap one and the car never gave up. We had a few cautions during the night. We took the inside lane, I knew if we could clear George, I could keep him behind me. I wasn’t sure if he was saving it for the end” said Seuss after the race.

Lapped traffic looked as if it was going to be a factor for Seuss as L.W. Miller, Austin Pack, and Burt Myers were all fighting for positions when Seuss got to them

However, when the checkered flag was being waved Seuss crossed the line first with Ideal Racing team mate George Brunnhoelzl III in second, Tim Brown third, and with two strong finishes Brian Loftin, and Brandon Ward finishing fourth and fifth.

“This crew makes my job my easy. They gave me a great car, it’s a pleasure being a part of this Ideal Racing, Riggs Racing team” said a very happy Seuss in victory lane after the race.

The NASCAR Southern Modified Tour has just two more races left in there season. Charlotte is next and that is on Thursday October 13th, and the season finale back at Caraway on October 22nd.

Andy Seuss took another win at Caraway Speedway (NC). ( Photo)
Tim Brown was ok after a fire in his car during the race. ( Photo)
Jason Myers was working in his car during practice. ( Photo)
One year back Seuss took the same car to victory lane.
LW Miller led laps at Caraway, but was not a factor in the finish for the win.  ( Photo)