Campbell wins Premier Boyne Machine Super Lates Night
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The Premier Boyne Machine Super Lates series made its debut at Berlin Raceway and it was Brian Campbell who ended the night in Victory Lane.  Dave Lake (Engine Pro Super Stock), Brandon Hermiller (Kerkstra Services Pro Stock), Samantha Jansen (Vintage Racing Organization of America) and Cole Roelofs (Burnips Equipment 4-Cylinder) also earned victories.

The Engine Pro Super Stock started the night off with a 30-lap feature; #3 Travis Nylaan and 366 Nate Walton led the field to the green flag.  Nylaan lead the first lap with Walton in hot pursuit, challenging for position on the inside by lap 2. The pair raced side by side for 5 laps before Walton took the lead.  Also slipping past Nylaan was the #55 of Dave Lake.  Just four laps later, Walton was overtaken by Lake and Nylaan and Walton continued their battle with #50 Justin Regnerus looking to join in. Lake was pulling away from the field and with 5 to go, there was a five car pack (Walton, Nylaan, Regnerus, #51 Justin Ryan and #18 Denny Anderson) all looking to advance their respective positions, but no one could make a move.  They finally got side by side on lap 28 and three wide at one point going in to turn 3.  Regnerus muscled past Nylaan on the last lap and did all he could to get second from Walton, but could not. Lake handily won his first feature of the year by 4.602 seconds and the rest of the top ten were Walton, Regnerus, Nylaan, Ryan, Anderson, #94.5 Nick Gebben, #1 Brian Wiersma, #26 Seth Moody and #78 Will Olmsted.

The #84 of Darrin Niemi and #20 of Dave Hull were on the front row for the 25-lap Kerkstra Services Pro Stock feature and Hull was on track to lead the first lap, but caution was out before a lap was complete for problems with the #71 of Trever McCoy. After a complete restart, Hull grabbed the lead, but just one lap later the caution was out again; the #23 of Shawn Simon spun coming out of turn 4.  The #15 Scott Root took the lead on the restart and Hull was immediately challenged by #76 Brian Tillema and #6 Brandon Hermiller was looking to take third from Hull.  Tillema took the lead from Root on lap 9 and Hermiller also got past Root and got right on Tillema's bumper.  It just took a few laps before Hermiller passed and cleared Tillema and before long, he was lapping cars and putting distance between himself and Tillema.  Hermiller continued to pull away and there was not catching him. He got his second win in a row and the rest of the top ten were Tillema , Hull, Niemi, #51 Weston Jewett, #1 Brett DeKraker, Root, #88 Tony Davis, #F1 Randy Veldman and #18 Mitch Meppelink.

The Vintage Racing Organization of America made its first stop at Berlin Raceway for the season for a 25 lap feature with  #30 Max Wirebaugh and #2 Randy Pierson  on the front row. The #82 of Rob Parker jumped to the lead, but before a lap was complete, the caution was out for the 381 of Andrew Bartoszek spinning out of turn 3.  On the restart, #16 Samantha Jansen, #42 Terry Byrne and Wirebaugh took it three-wide and Byrne was all Parker for the lead, however caution was out again on lap 2 , this time for the #55 Jeff Barsen and #61 Jason Burrus.  Back to green, on lap 3 and the cars were racing hard for position.  Jansen worked her way up to the lead on lap 7 when the third caution of the race came out - the #42 of Michael Becker spun on the frontstretch. The restart was then single file and Jansen continued to show the way with #74 Steve Fuller and #86 Bob Martin not far behind.  Just four laps later, the caution was out again for a wreck involving Wirebaugh, #3 Lou Caposey and Bartoszek and by this time, they had reached their time limit and the race was complete.  Jansen was awarded with the win and Fuller, Martin, Byrne, #20 Don Deyman, Parker, #7 Jimmy Lawson, Pierson, Becker and #4 Don Smith completed the top ten.

Up next was the 100 lap Premier Boyne Machine Super Lates; #21 Johnny Benson was on the pole with #11 Nick Bonstell on his outside. Benson led for 2 laps, but Bonstell was quick to overtake him and the #44 Tim Steele was chasing them down.  Steele was side by side with Bonstell and took the lead on the backstretch and pulled out to an impressive lead.  The field settled into a groove and seemed content to side single file for a bit.  The #5 of Alec Carll was on the move and gained two positions in one lap, bringing him to fifth. The top three, Steele, Bonstell and Anthony were pulling away from the field.  By lap 35, the #20 of Brian Campbell was making his way through the field while Anthony was catching Steele for the lead.  It was lap 42 when Anthony cleared him and by lap 45 he was putting cars a lap down and padding his lead over Steele. Carll was still making his way forward, challenging Steele for second position as they were navigating lapped traffic all while Anthony had pulled out to almost a 6 second lead. Steele and Campbell's battle came to an end on lap 71 when Campbell got around him and had the feat of trying to chop down Anthony's 6.5 second lead in 29 laps. The first caution of the night came out on lap 96 and it erased the 9 second lead that Anthony had accrued.  The double file restart put Campbell on his outside and on the restart he was edging out Anthony for the lead.  Coming out of turn it, it appeared that Anthony and Campbell made contact, causing Campbell to spin in front of the entire field; Anthony and Benson were also involved in this caution.  The restart came with three laps to go and there were only 2 cars on the lead lap - Campbell and Anthony. Campbell was able to put some distance on Anthony and take the checkered flag. Anthony, #37 Jordan Dahlke, Bonstell, #231 Andrew Nylaan, #48 Seth Moody, #101 Lauren Bush, #10 Josh Hobson, Steele and #6 Brandon Hermiller completed the top ten.

The final feature of the night was the 20 lap Burnips Equipment 4-Cylinder race; #41 Kyle VanDrunen and #75 Dan Ream led the field to the green flag. While VanDrunen lead the first lap, the car on a mission was the #14 of Jason DeVos.  He went from 15th position all the way up to 8th by the time the race started and while he took the lead on lap 2, the jumping of the start lead to his disqualification, handing the lead to #024 Cole Roelofs. Lap 4 saw three caution flags, the drivers just couldn't seem to complete a lap.  After one lap was completed, the caution was out for a fourth time for the #40 of Charlie DeJong spinning on the frontstretch.  All of the cautions ate into their time limit, so after the restart, they would race to either the next caution or the checkered flag. Once they got racing, it looked as if the #28 of Phil Speet was reeling in Roelofs, however, he seemed to catch the lapped traffic at the wrong times.  On lap 17, the #99 of Troy West brought out the caution, ending the race and the win was awarded to Roelofs, who got his second win in a row. The rest of the top ten were Speet, #354 Chris McKinley, #51 Brad Hastings, #10 Dave Duyst, #20 Tyler Nawrocki, VanDrunen, #44 Nicole DeVos, #84 Steve Thompson and #75 Dan Ream.

Coming up at Berlin Raceway on Saturday, May 14 is a Four in One show featuring the Coors Light Late Models, Engine Pro Super Stocks, Kerkstra Services Pro Stocks and Burnips Equipment 4-Cylinders.  Tickets are $10 for adults (12+) and kids 11 and under a free. Racing starts at 7:00 p.m. and more information can be found at

The field gets ready for racing at Berlin. (Tom De Vette Photo)                  
Brian Campbell in victory lane.  (Tom De Vette Photo)                   
#20 Brian Campbell goes under #44 Tim Steele at Berlin. (Tom De Vette Photo)