Brian Campbell wins on Helen DeVos Children's Hospital Night
Campbell Takes Premier Boyne Machine Super Late Feature
Berlin Raceway PR
After two weekends in a row of rainy weather, the sun was finally shining on Berlin Raceway and there was a spectacular crowd on hand to witness some exciting racing.

Among the night's winners was Brian Campbell in the Premier Boyne Machine Super Late Models.

The final race of the night was the 100-lap Premier Boyne Machine Super Lates. The #44 of Tim Steele and #55 Chris Anthony led the field to the green flag and it was Anthony who took off with the lead. Steele, meanwhile, was busy trying to hold off #12 Tim DeVos and #20 Brian Campbell. Campbell was the first to clear Steele and he had almost a full second to make up to get to Anthony. DeVos and #21 Johnny Benson also slipped past Steele and they were well on their way to the front.

By lap 27, Anthony had almost a second and a half lead over Campbell who was in defense mode trying to hold off DeVos. Anthony started putting cars a lap down on lap 30 just as DeVos drove around Campbell and the leaders found themselves in heavy traffic.

On lap 34, there was contact between #48 Seth Moody and #99 Ross Meeuwsen, after being flat sideways, Meeuwsen save it, but the yellow followed after dirt was kicked up on the track.

DeVos took the lead on the restart and Benson also got by, this dropped Anthony to third where he had to hold off Campbell. On lap 62, the leaders were back in traffic, but they all maneuvered it expertly. Steele and #22 Caleb Bisacky had a great battle for fifth going on on lap 69 with Steele taking the position.

With 17 laps to go, Campbell caught up to Benson was racing him hard for second, by the next time they came by, Campbell took the position, but was unable to gain anything on DeVos, whose lead was growing by every lap.

With 7 laps to go, DeVos had put up to fifth place one lap down, but with three laps to go, he found himself pulling off of the race track due to problems with his car. This handed the lead to Campbell who was in heavy traffic with Benson hot on his heels. It was Campbell who scored the win, Benson came in second and the rest of the top ten were Anthony, #22 Josh Slade, Steele, Moody, #6 Brandon Hermiller, #10 Josh Hobson, #101 Lauren Bush and #32 Gabe Ensing.

Next Saturday, September 3, Berlin Raceway will feature the Auto Value Super Sprints, Model Coverall Modifieds, Kerkstra Services Pro Stocks and Burnips Equipment 4-Cylinders. Tickets will be $13 for adults 12 and over and kids 11 and under are free; racing begins at 7:00 p.m.

Eventual winner Brian Campbell (#20) makes a pass on Tim DeVos (#12).  (Tom DeVette Photo)
Chris Anthony (#55) battles Johnny Benson (#21).  (Tom DeVette Photo)