Holzhausen  Holds Off Riddle For Big 8 Win At Oktoberfest 
Starts Deep In Field, Storms To Lead In Caution Free Event
By Gregg Paul
Skylar Holzhausen delighted the home town crowd by coming from the sixteenth starting position and caught Jon Lemke for the lead with just nine laps remaining in the Big 8 Series 68 lap feature at Oktoberfest in Lacrosse, Wisconsin.  Holzhausen was a man on a mission as he methodically worked his way up to the front to challenge for the lead.

“I tell you this car was really fast,” said Holzhausen.  “The tires weren’t good at the end, they were gone, but they stuck in basically long enough and were faster than anybody else.  It was a heck of a car, can’t complain.”

Jon Lemke started on the pole and quickly jumped out to the lead.  Casey Johnson and Steve Rubeck followed closely behind.  That trio began to put some distance on the rest of the field, and then Lemke started to do the same to Johnson and Rubeck.
As Lemke’s lead grew to half a straightaway, Zack Riddle worked his way into the top five.  Rubeck’s car began to fade, and Riddle made the move around to get into the third spot.

A little further back, Holzhausen was slowly picking off cars every lap and climbing closer to the front.  Jon Reynolds Jr. was following in Holzhausen’s tire tracks and coming to the front with him. Nearing the halfway point, Holzhausen caught Rubeck and moved into the top five.

Meanwhile, back up front, Lemke began to encounter lapped traffic and had bit of trouble negotiating it.  His lead began to shrink, as the trio of Johnson, Riddle, and Holzhausen were drawing closer.  As they caught the lapped traffic, Riddle was able to get around Johnson on lap 37 and opened the door for Holzhausen to join him.

As Lemke still battled lapped traffic, Riddle and Holzhausen were closing in.  Holzhausen then ducked underneath Riddle in turn 3 on lap 45.  Once Holzhausen got by Riddle, his path to Lemke was getting easier. He was drawing closer, and putting the pressure on Lemke.  That may have been evident on lap 54 when Holzhausen got to Lemke’s rear bumper.  Lemke got loose in turn four and got the car sideways, but was managed to hold onto it.  However, that allowed both Holzhausen and Riddle to close right in on Lemke’s rear bumper.

Lemke managed to stave off the threats for a few laps, as the trio pulled to a half a lap lead over the fourth place car of Kyle Shear.  It was only a matter of when, not if Holzhausen would put a move on Lemke.  The inevitable happened on lap 59,

Holzhausen ducked to the inside of Lemke entering turn three. They ran side by side down the front stretch and into turn one, however Holzhausen was able to clear exiting turn two.  He was able to quickly pull away, while Lemke now had to battle Riddle for the second spot.

That battle didn’t last long, as Riddle was able to get around Lemke just two laps later.  The only problem was that now Holzhausen had a huge advantage.

Over the final seven laps, Riddle drew closer as Holzhausen made his way through traffic, but unfortunately for Riddle, he simply ran out of time. 

Holzhausen scored the victory by a half straightaway over Riddle, with Lemke ending up in third.  Kyle Shear made his way up to fourth, and Driver X, Jon Reynolds Jr. rounded out the top five.

Despite having to come from a sixteenth starting position, Holzhausen never got the yellow that could have made his drive easier.  However, he wasn’t about to complain.

“It seemed like a pretty clean race, everybody was kind of keeping to themselves,” said Holzhausen.  “This place is pretty well know for running green flag straight through so it’s not too big of a surprise.  The traffic helped at times and it hurt at times, so it all played out in our favor.”

For Zack Riddle, there just weren’t enough laps to make up the difference.

“I think we just ran out of laps, but we had a good car,” said Riddle.  “We were saving our tires the whole race and made it to second but fell one short.  For a while there I thought there might be a caution so we pulled the reins back a little bit.  We made up some ground but not quite enough.”

Steve Rubeck only finished thirteenth in the race, but that was more than good enough for him to clinch the Big 8 Series championship.

“This is the biggest one I’ve had so far,” said Rubeck.  “I had a Dells championship in ’04 in a super late there, but when you travel and all the tracks I’ve travelled to there are three I’ve never been too ever.  To race this caliber of car with these caliber of drivers it’s above and beyond anything I’ve ever done.”

Swan Wins Mid-American Feature And Championship At Oktoberfest
Takes Title In Style Capping Off The Season.

James Swan has had an amazing season in the Mid-American Stock Car Series.  Although he essentially clinched the championship by merely starting the feature at Oktoberfest, Swan proved that just starting was never going to be good enough.  Swan started deep in the field, but quickly made his way to the front. 

Claire Decker started on the pole and early on looked like she would be a runaway winner in the 40 lap main event.  She had pretty much checked out on the field opening up a half straightaway lead.  Unfortunately for her, Bill Prietzel would have his engine expire leaving a huge trail of fluids bringing out the yellow just past the halfway point on lap 22.

The bunched up field on the restart seemingly posed a problem for Decker, but she got a great jump on the restart and pulled a few car lengths on the pack.  However, when she got to turn three she drifted a little high and James Swan was there to pounce on the opening.  Swan ducked underneath Decker and Jeremy Spoonmore followed.  Decker was hung out to dry on the high side, and she quickly dropped out of contention.

That left the battle for the win between Swan and Spoonmore.  That battle would get closer after a crash on lap 24 when Rick Tackman turned Decker in turn three.  Travis Rodewald and Lyle Nowak were also involved.  There were a lot of fluids dropped and a lot of oil dry on the track, which would make the finish exciting.

When racing resumed, Swan and Spoonmore battle side by side all the way to turn three, when Swan slid through the oil dry and had to back out for a split second allowing Spoonmore to take the lead.  Tyler Bauknecht would also get by Swan for second.

Swan would not be denied however, as he got back on the throttle and chased down the leaders.  With fifteen laps to go, Swan got by Bauknecht and set his sights on Spoonmore.  Swan would catch him with twelve laps to go and looked to the inside of turn one to make the pass.  Spoonmore came down to shut the door.  Swan was then able to pull alongside Spoonmore for two laps before finally clearing him with just nine laps to go.  Swan would then cruise from there for the victory.

Bauknecht would get by Spoonmore for a lap, before Spoonmore claimed the second spot.  Bauknecht would get edged at the checkers by Danny Gilster for third.  Brian Back would round out the top five.

Swan claimed his fifth MASCS championship, and had 17 feature wins with three different cars in the series.

“This is fantastic!  I absolutely love coming here,” said Swan.  “This is so much fun and I love racing here.  I especially love winning here.  It’s really cool winning in front of 10,000 people here, not sure if it’s really that many but it certainly seems like it.  It’s packed, it’s Saturday night, perfect timing.  I can’t think of a better way to cap off the season other than maybe winning in the late model or something.”

Jung Comes Back From Horrendous Flip To Win Outlawz Feature
Jung Flips Late Model In Practice Then Takes Super Late To Win Unlimited Feature

Dan Jung survived flipping his late model over the inside front stretch wall to jump into his super late model to race in the “Run All Your Stuff Outlawz” feature.  Since he ran his super late against a wide variety of lesser classes of cars, he was offered an extra $100 by promoter Gregg McKarns to start the 20 lap feature from the pole and already a lap down, on the quarter mile infield track.  Jung accepted the challenge and made the most of it by circling the track and picking off all the challengers in only 20 laps to take the victory.

Race Results
Big 8
Livewire Energy & Kwik Trip 68 Feature (26 Cars) — 1, Skylar Holzhausen, Bangor; 2, Zack Riddle, Brooklyn; 3, Jon Lemke, Shakopee, Minn.; 4, Kyle Shear, Roscoe, Ohio; 5, Jon Reynolds, Rockford, Ill.; 6, Casey Johnson, Stoughton; 7, Brad Powell, La Crosse; 8, Tony Bagstad, Westby; 9, Dale Nottestad, Cambridge; 10, Ryan Carlson, Loves Park, Ill.; 11, Darren Wolke, Belle Plaine, Minn.; 12, Ty Majeski, Seymour; 13, Steve Rubeck, Rockford, Ill.; 14, Cory Kemkes, Appleton; 15, Todd Korish, Holmen; 16, Davey Pennell, Sparta; 17, James Swan, Park Ridge, Ill.; 18, Brent Kirchner, La Crosse; 19, Mike Ehde, Praire du Chien; 20, John DeAngelis Jr.; 21, Bobby Wilberg, Beloit; 22, Corey Jankowski, Tomah; 23, Ed Szelagowski Jr., Westfield; 24, Jason Tyler, Milton; 25, Derek Childs, Poynette; 26, Nick Clements, West Salem.
Last Chance 1 — 1, Ty Majeski; 2, Corey Jankowski; 3, James Swan; 4, Brett Wenzel; 5, Rich Schumann Jr.
Last Chance 2 — 1, John DeAngelis Jr.; 2, Brent Kirchner; 3, Jason Tyler; 4, Jesse Bernhagen; 5, Jimmy

Mid-America Stock Car Series
Livewire Energy & Kwik Trip 68 Feature (25 cars) — 1, James Swan, Genoa City; 2, Jeremy Spoonmore, Somonauk, Ill.; 3, Dan Gilster, West Salem; 4, Tyler Baucknecht, Reedsville; 5, Brian Back, Rudolph; 6, Jay Foster, DeKalb, Ill.; 7, Mike Lange, West Allis; 8, Lyle Nowak, Wausau; 9, Bret Widdis, Manistique, Mich.; 10, Ryan Farrell, East Troy; 11, Tom McClintock, Onalaska; 12, Scott Null, Lake Mills; 13, Paige Decker, Eagle River; 14, Claire Decker, Eagle River; 15, Ron Weyer, Richfield; 16, Eric Lingford, Franklin; 17, Dan Church, Big Bend; 18, Rick Tackman, Waukesha; 19, Ben Glascock, Indianola, Iowa; 20, Butch Mierendorf, Waterloo; 21, Ryan Gutknecht, Oak Creek; 22, Travis Rodewald, Manitowoc; 23, Bill Prietzel, Richfield; 24, Eric Buchholz, Wautoma; 25, Jake Finney, Sycamore, Ill.


Skylar Holzlausen wasted no time as he came from deep in the pack to win the Big 8 race. (Doug Hornickel Photo)
Steve Rubeck won the Big 8 Series title. (Emily Heisler Photo for Speed51.com)
James Swan won the race and the title at LaCrosse. (Doug Hornickel Photo)