Jeff Letson & Chris Whorton Score Southern Superstars
Wins At Huntsville Speedway (AL)
Super Late Model Action Strong in North Alabama
The Southern Superstars Short Track Series was in action Saturday night at Huntsville Speedway and the series held its annual Twin 75 events sponsored by Window World and after the night action was over with Jeff Letson and Chris Whorton both picked up series wins for the season.

Chase Oliver started on the pole for the first 75 lap event by the result of the inversion when Brad Lemley of Grant, AL., set fast time with a 12.682 second lap and drew a six out for his starting spot.  At the drop of the green flag outside front row starter Letson moved into the lead and then moved ahead by half a straight with Johnny Brazier and Chris Whorton running second and third.  Lemley meanwhile was moving up the field and was moving into the second spot when coming off turn four his car slowed and he pulled into the pits.  The throttle linkage came off and forced him into the pits for repairs.  The team fixed the problem then he went back on the track to run a few more laps then retired from race one.

Meanwhile Letson had little trouble as he lead every lap to take the top spot over Brazier, Whorton, Michael Bolden and Lee Hansard rounding out the top five.

Finishing sixth through tenth in the first event was John Thomas, Marc Burleson, Phil Renfroe, John Henegar Jr and Chase Spradlin.

In the second 75 lap feature Hansard and Bolden would be on the front row and at the drop of the green flag Hansard would take the lead with Bolden falling into second, Whorton third and Brazier fourth.  Whorton and Braxier moved under Bolden for the second spot then worked their way around and under Hansard to take over the top two spots, but Brad Lemley who started last in the 15 car field was working the high side and coming with Mar Day behind him as they both started at the rear of the field.  Lemley worked his way up tot the top spot and took the lead away from Whorton late in the race and then proceeded to take the checkered flag, but after the race his car was two pounds light at the scales and there fore his win was taken away and this moved Whorton into the top spot with Day coming home second, Letson third, Renfroe fourth and Brazier fifth.

Rounding out the top ten were Marc Burleson, Hunter Spivey, John Henegar Jr, Lee Hansard and Michael Bolden.

The next Southern Superstars event will be on Sunday night September 4th at the Huntsville Speedway the Annual World Classic 150 for more information go to or

1.Jeff Letson
2.Johnny Brazier
3.Chris Whorton
4.Michael Bolden
5.Lee Hansard
6.John Thomas
7.Marc Burleson
8.Phil Renfroe
9.John Henegar Jr
10.Chase Spradlin
11.Chase Oliver
12.Mark Day
13.Hunter Spivey
14.Keith Cahela
15.Justin Ashburn
16.T W Fisher
17.Brad Lemley

1.Chris Whorton
2.Mark Day
3.Jefff Letson
4.Phil Renfroe
5.Johnny Brazier
6.Marc Burleson
7.Hunter Spivey
8.John Henegar Jr
9.Lee Hansard
10.Michael Bolden
11.Chase Spradlin
12.John Thomas
13.Justin Ashburn
14.Chase Oliver
15.T W Fisher
16.Keith Cahela
17.Brad Lemley