New Hope is Found for Nashville Fairgrounds
Renovation Plan is Released
A Letter to Fans of the Nashville Fairgrounds
A dedicated group of racing people have been hard at work in Nashville, Tennessee trying to save the Tennessee State Fairgrounds property that includes the historic Fairgrounds Speedway.  This week, they released this letter detailing their progress.

Dear Fairgrounds Supporter:

Today we announced plans for a renovation of the Tennessee State Fairgrounds property.  We worked with the State Fair group (Fairgrounds Heritage Preservation), the Nashville Expo Vendors Association, and race enthusiasts to create a redevelopment "Concept Plan" for the Fairgrounds.  Additionally, the plan incorporates input from the Nashville Civic Design Center study, as well as feedback from the neighbors throughout various public hearings.

A rendering will be available on our website soon.

A few highlights include:

   * This plan will save the Tennessee State Fair.  The plan protects the history, while saving the state of Tennessee the cost of relocating the State Fair (which the Markin Report says will cost between $64 and $77 million dollars)

   * $2 million dollars for a park that runs the length of the property on either side of Browns Creek

   * A reduction in asphalt and pervious coverage.  We repave portions with reinforced turfgrass to minimize runoff; remove unsightly parking lots along Craighead; and make existing parking more efficient.

   * Installation of sound abatement walls surrounding the track.

   * Consolidation of the 3 larger Expo buildings into one, state-of-the-art facility.

   * Eco-friendly features that include: solar panels; community wind turbines; electric car charging stations;

   * Neighbor-friendly improvements which include: bike trail connectivity; walking trails; increased buffering around homes; additional landscaping; open space; a multi-use park; foot bridges over Browns Creek; and open space for neighbors;

   * Minimize run-off into Browns Creek by adding greenspace and installing "raingarden" detention for water.

   * Better streetscapes; sidewalks, buffering and trees. A revamped RV parking area with efficient parking.

This is "Concept Plan" was completed by a certified landscape architect, Alan Ray, of Alan Ray & Associates.

We are presenting this to Metro Council via email, and would like to meet with interested Council Members at their convenience.  We plan to present this to the Mayor and the Fair Board.  We called and spoke with the leader of the opposition group and requested a meeting with the members of the community that are opposed to the racetrack.  They have yet to respond, but our invitation remains open.  It is our belief that together, we can improve the entire community and make the Fairgrounds something all of Davidson County can be proud of.

Keep the emails coming:  CouncilMembers@Nashville.Gov

See you January 18, 2011 at 6:00pm
Metro Courthouse
(free parking)

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