Battle to Save Nashville Fairgrounds Track Rolls On
Meeting is Set For Tuesday Night
A Letter to Fans of the Nashville Fairgrounds
A dedicated group of racing people have been hard at work in Nashville, Tennessee trying to save the Tennessee State Fairgrounds property that includes the historic Fairgrounds Speedway.  Here is their latest update:

Dear Friend:

The 3rd and FINAL vote of the Fairgrounds bill that will save the track from being demolished, and extend the State Fair & Expo Events for 2 more years will be held tomorrow night, Tuesday, February 1, 2011.  This meeting will begin at 6:00pm, and we need to have you there one more time!

This bill does not save racing, nor does it give a long-term solution to the 23,000 small businesses that have called the Fairgrounds home (that number is according to the Administration). But it is a start, and we need you to attend tomorrow night:

Metro Council, Final Vote (3rd Reading)
Tuesday, February 1, 2011
Metro Courthouse (free parking)
Please wear your red shirt!

Thank you for everything you have done to get us to this point.  Without people like you, the Fairgrounds would be set for demolition.  Please help us make history tomorrow night, and begin the campaign to restore the Fairgrounds to something all of Davidson County can be proud of!

For those of you asking "what next?" - We are waiting until the 3rd reading tomorrow night before moving forward with our next course of action.  Our steering committee will be meeting in the coming days and weeks to formalize our plan, and we will notify you once we have reached consensus.  Thank you for staying patient as we continue the campaign to save the Tennessee State Fairgrounds.