World Crown 300 to Offer Exciting Finishes 
All Star Style Format Will Keep Everyone Guessing Till the End  
By Elgin Traylor - Twitter: @elgintraylor
Lots of times in racing you will see a drawn out race and hope the caution comes out to "mix things up" for the final laps of the event.  The staff at the Gresham Motorsports Park (GA) have taken that into consideration and that's why this year's World Crown 300 is expected to have the most exciting finish yet. 

The normal 300-lap format has been changed to offer fans potentially three different winners, in three segments totaling 200 laps, with the final 25 laps being worth an impressive $10,000.  Nowhere in short track racing is there a 25-lap dash for that much money.  If a driver can somehow manage to win all three segments, they will pocket $20,000. 

The Super Late Model show on Sunday, November 13th will be a 200-lap race split in to three segments.  Fans will get to take part in how things are inverted after the first segment and an optional pit stop will shake up the field for the final segment. 

"The best part of this is what the fans are going to get to see," said Dan Elliott, General Manager of Gresham Motorsports Park.  "The strategy is going to change from segment to segment.  I think the first 100 laps will be about staying on the lead lap and then the draw will shake things up.  Of course, the pit stop before the final 25 will play a factor as well.

Breaking down the segments :

• Segment 1 - 100 green flag laps, $4,000.00 to the winner.

At the end of segment 1, all cars on the lead lap plus the first car one lap down will be inverted based on a fan vote, which will be conducted throughout the months leading up to the race. During this break, teams will be permitted to change tires and make adjustments to their cars without loss of position, as long as adjustments are completed within the allotted time.

• Segment 2 - 75 green flag laps, $6,000.00 to winner.

At the end of segment 2, only the cars on the lead lap plus the first car one lap down will advance to segment 3. During the caution, cars will have the option to pit. Cars choosing to pit will return to the lineup based on the order they exit pit road. Should a team choose not to pit, they will move up in the lineup accordingly.

• Segment 3 - 25 green flag laps, $10,000.00 to the winner.

A similar format will also be used for Saturday's Beau Slocumb Memorial 100 for Pro Late Models.  The 100 lap race on Saturday will have an optional pit stop after 75 laps.  Teams staying out will gain track position for the final 25 laps over the cars that choose to pit.

Both events will be green flag laps only, allowing for fans to see all the action under green for all 300 laps of Late Model action. 

Some teams have voiced their concern about the final laps being a free-for-all, noting it could end up with some crazy results and wrecked cars.  Elliott was quick to point out that things happen no matter the format.

"Competitors have to look back at the events in the past and see that wrecks will happen no matter what the format is," said Elliott.  "We lost a lot of the good cars in the field here last year early in the event.  Some drivers are worried about the format and past records will indicate that no matter the format there will be damaged race cars."

The new format has made the World Crown a can’t-miss event for fans.  The All Star format of the World Crown is going to crown a champion who has all the cards in their favor.

Fans you don't want to miss the 28th Annual World Crown 300 on November 11th, 12th and 13 at Gresham Motorsports Park (GA).   Visit for schedules, ticket information and more as we lead up to the historic Super Late Model show. 

Paul Kelley has won the World Crown three times in the past.  ( Photo)
Both Pro Late Models and Super Late Models will be on the track at GMP.  ( Photo)